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Recycled Paper


R. Phillips Plastering is a commercial plastering contractor that serves the western United States. We would ask that you consider our company if you are seeking to bring experience and professionalism to your project. Our employees have that experience and integrity to make sure your job is done right.

Our professional craftsman specializes in all types of products and systems, including the following:



R. Phillips Plastering is honored to have had the opportunity to assist in the renovation of several historic projects that have called for protecting, preserving and restoring treasured buildings created by artists from the past. Our vast experience and knowledge of past traditions have made us a natural choice to assist with the restoration of Historical landmarks both public and private



Stucco is a standard exterior cladding that has been around for centuries it is reliable, beautiful and functional. Some of the advantages of stucco including being hard, strong, fire-resistant, with a wide variety of finish materials, color and textures. Stucco is a versatile facing material and can be applied to flat surfaces, and curved surfaces. Standard stucco finish or upgraded acrylic finishes. Architectural foam trims can be installed to enhance the appearance.


Textured finishes vary widely in design, from simple stucco finishes to more intricate fan swipe or grooved comb finishes. Our Design team can assist you with the finish the best suits your vision.



Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems are multi-layered exterior wall systems that are used on both commercial building and homes. EIFS systems typically consist of insulation board, a durable, water-resistant base coat, and an attractive and durable finish coat. These components make EIFS strong, colorfast and crack-resistant.



If you are looking to create fine interiors with beautiful, durable, and seamless walls, please consider that R. Phillips Plastering is a leader in the use of Venetian Plaster. Venetian plaster is one of the oldest, most durable, and visually appealing plastering finishes. Our craftsmen apply the plaster mixed with marble dust to either your walls or ceilings. The surface is then polished to such a high degree that it creates a rock-hard marble-like finish with your choice of various colors giving your room the depth and height that you are seeking for.



To enhance and highlight your project, both natural and manufactured stone veneer is an excellent addition. R. Phillips Plastering has been installing stone veneer for decades and offers a wide variety of stone options from size, configurations and colors to put that finishing touch on your project.



Common repair work includes fixing plaster that has holes, cracks, or water damage. If you had someone one else do the work for you, our experienced employees can fix it.

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